vendredi 27 mars 2015

How to set documenttemplate using powershell

How could i set this using powershell? $dst = [Microsoft.Office.DocumentManagement.DocumentSets.$dst.Update($true)]::GetDocumentSetTemplate("/_layouts/CreatePage.aspx")


SharePoint 2013 document generation - error cant open document

Im trying to use a document lib to generate documents.I have created 6 content types(as I need multiple templates) and associated doc templates to them. I read somewhere I should be using .docx instead of dotx as a template

But cant get it to work arg!!! enter image description here

jeudi 26 mars 2015

Events/Changelogs in the new Office365 Files API

I'd like to know if this new Office 365 API provides changelogs for diff events that occur on OneDrive for a tenant user like Share, Unshare, Create Update, Delete events etc.

Much appreciated!

SSRS report from SharePoint list

We have created an SSRS report from SharePoint 2010 list. We have item level permission in the source list, so the user can view only the items for which they have privilege. But in SSRS report it picks all records without filtering out using access privilege.

Is there any option in SSRS to filtering out data using access privilege of current user? If not could you explain why?

How to check one user's permissions for the root site and all the subsites?

we are using O365/SharePoint Online 2013.

Is there any way to check a specific user's permissions for the root site in question and all of its subsites so basically all sites in a site collection? We have 10 subsites and some users can access a few of them and some might have the access to every one of them.

From time to time I get asked to check where one specific user has access to and at the moment the only way I have found is to check the user permissions one site at a time. That is quite time-consuming, so is there any easy/quick way to see all the sites a user has access to?

I greatly appreciate any information regarding this matter!

How to lock certain rows in sharepoint web access list?

How to lock certain rows in sharepoint web access list? It would be useful to lock the rows whichever is completed and to eliminate the further updating.


How to find out missing or deleted site collections in Staging Environment

We have created some 40+ site collections in staging environment.On the dev machines we used to development and deploy the wsps and run the powershell scripts in UAT to create site collections and sites.Yesterday when we started doing normal testing of our portal,we found that ROOT site colelction and another important site collection were missing.I checked the event viewer logs information in the UAT box.But did not find anything mysterious.Can anyone help how to find out why this happened?This happened within 12 hrs of time.If I enable Auditing on this SP Farm, will it help me to find what happened on those sites.I checked the content database of one missing sitecollection.Its intact.Later customer reported us that they faced some issues in their SAN storage environment.I am not able to find the link between these two.