mercredi 25 mars 2015

How can I combine data from 5 separate columns in a form library into a single column on a separate list

I have a form library that has 5 columns per entry for possible sites, I've been asked to come up with a view that summarizes all possible sites in one place. So Site A may be in Site1 column for form1 and Site3 column for form 3. I was exploring pushing the data I need, these 5 fields plus form name to a separate list to see if that would work.

Instead of current data being: Form name Site1 Site2 Site3 Site4 Site5

I would want a two column list Site Form name

Where all data in columns Site1-Site5 becomes an individual row in the new list with form name appended.

In the end we are looking for something that can present like a grouped view for a summary, i.e. At a glance Site A was mentioned 5 times, expand to see forms it appears.

Working with InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint 2010. Thanks

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