mercredi 25 mars 2015

How to edit email notification workflow in InfoPath?

Is it possible to view or edit a workflow for email notifications only in InfoPath, and NOT with SharePoint Designer?

I have been asked to manage a SharePoint site that someone else built. It uses Forms built in InfoPath. I can open a list associated with email notifications in InfoPath, but I cannot view any part of the site (including this list) in SharePoint designer. I get the following error:

Web Site Editing is Disabled. This site has been configured to disallow editing with SharePoint Designer. Contact Your administrator.

I now am the administrator with admin access, and the person who built the site is gone. It is a SharePoint 2010 site. I've learned that our company does not allow production sites to be edited in Designer.

So how do I access the workflows to modify them?? Can it be done in just InfoPath??

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