jeudi 26 mars 2015

What is the best way to search a sharepoint 2013 list with more than 5k items?

We are migrating content from SP 2007 to SP 2013. We have many lists that have more than 5k items... some of which we need to be able to search all items. If we use the "find an item" search it only searches the items in that view (<5k) and the user experience is not good. The only wany we can figure out how to search all items is using the new Content Search web part, which is not the easiest to configure and the OOTB display templates aren't very good.

Before I start creating a bunch of Content Search web parts and custom display templates I would like to know if we are headed in the right direction? is there a different, better way to be able to search all items in a list?

Thanks! MP

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