mercredi 25 mars 2015

SharePoint Conditional Formatting without using Designer

I am trying to apply conditional formatting to my SharePoint list based on a few conditions.

For example I have a column (Month Needed) that the user selects a date from a drop down list in the format 11/2015 and so on. I would like to highlight (with colors) any row that has a date that is 90 days or less from the current date?

Unfortunately my SharePoint site does not allow me to create web parts in Designer so I am unable to add conditions that way and the javascript examples I have found don't really do what I need it to.

Here is an example of what I found:

so a statement like the following:

if(text in Month Needed Column is 90 days less than Current date) { background color = 'red'; }

Any guidance on how to accomplish this would be extremely helpful.

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