mercredi 25 mars 2015

Send a customized email to users in a list

I've created a workflow that will send out an email to individuals with site access anytime a document is added to a document library. This workflow is replicated across several sites and the intended recipients of the email change with each site. The workflow allows some degree of customization of the email, which is why I created a workflow instead of using alerts. However, there is one thing I haven't been able to figure out. I would like the body of the email to read something like this:

Dear [individual],

A new document has been added to your SharePoint site [site]. Please follow this link [link] to access it.

You received this email because you are listed as the contact for [department]. If you are no longer the contact for [department], please email ***********@***.com with the updated contact information.

-end email-

Where everything within [ ] is unique to the individual receiving the email. In other words, I want to iterate over individuals in a list and send out an email unique to them. I feel like there should be a way to accomplish this, but after quite a few hours of research I've come up empty handed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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