mercredi 4 mars 2015

Authenticate against SharePoint with a custom Windows Desktop app

I have a client who uses SharePoint internally, but allows their external contractors to login via forms authentication. The problem is the contractors are in the field, so their internet is unreliable.

The client has asked has asked me if I can create a standalone desktop app (Winforms or WPF) that will allow their contractors to use add/store data locally, and then when they have a valid internet connection to allow them to "submit" the data into SharePoint.

The field workers wouldn't need to login to sharepoint or access it directly, they would simply need to click a button on the desktop app to push the data into SharePoint.

The data would live in list in SharePoint. I was hoping I could achieve this somehow by allowing their forms-authentication credentials to allow their local desktop app (build by me) to authenticate and push their data into SharePoint.

My question is:

a) is this possible? b) can their regular forms auth creds be used or would I need an account with higher permissions to be embedded in their app (and would this be a security risk) c) Could I also upload images into an image gallery from the external app?

This is for SharePoint 2010.

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