lundi 2 mars 2015

SharePoint 2010 Foundation Gantt chart won't display in IE

I created a task list with a Gantt view in SharePoint 2010 Foundation. When I input some data, I was surprised that the Gantt chart itself did not display. While I see the two panes, with the titles in the left, and dates on the right, the actual bars do not display. I have found that this is only on IE on my machine, as they DO display in Firefox.

I checked all of the suggested reasons out there on the interwebs. There is a div id="s4-workspace" tag and to my knowledge the master file is the OOTB file. I reset the site definition. I made sure that the CSS had 'overflow:visible !important;'.

I don't have Chrome at work, but it is weird that it does work in Firefox, but not IE. I use IE 10, running a 64 bit VM, though not necessarily IE64.

Any other suggestions? Any help is appreciated.

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